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Top 10 Famous Roblox Characters Of 2022


When we want to play online games, we all want to make our characters that best represent our attitudes and likes. For example, if you are a fan of superhero movies and comics, you will probably try to recreate one of them in a video game character creator. 

You can do the same in Roblox, an online multiplayer hame aimed towards children. This game has many clothing and accessories that you can purchase in-game to dress up the way you want. If you want to know the trendiest Roblox character that people create, then continue reading!

What Is Roblox?

What Is Roblox

Roblox is an online multiplayer game developed by the Roblox Corporation in 2006. The game is unique amongst other multiplayer games in that it allows users to create minigames in-game using the easy-to-use game creation studio. In addition, you can also make your special characters in-game with clothing items. 

Roblox has become popular because of its in-game Roblox character creation system. Users can create games outdoor games like football and basketball in this game. Also, they can develop games like the fictional Squid Games from the Netflix series of the same name. In addition, the possibilities to create new and exciting games for other players are limitless.

What Is Robux?

Robux is the in-game premium currency of Roblox. This currency is purchased using real-world money, with its conversion rate differing from region to region. The primary use of Robux is to buy outfits, which you can use to customize the look of your Roblox character. In the USA, the current conversion rates for one time purchases are:

  • 400 Robux = $4.99
  • 800 Robux = $9.99
  • 1,700 Robus = $19.99

You can also opt for a monthly subscription to Roblox, where the prices are:

  • 450 Robux = $4.99
  • 1,000 Robux = $9.99
  • 2,200 Robus = $19.99

Best Roblox Character To Create In 2022

After making your first purchase of Robux, you can start making your Roblox character with ease. Most of these characters cost less than 400 Robux. Therefore, purchasing 400 Robux for $4.99 will be a great starting point to create one of these from the Roblox character encyclopedia. 

1. Batman (DC)


Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. A vigilante from the DC Comics universe, you can dress up as the Drak Knight by buying all the necessary clothing accessories from the store. You will need the following avatar options:

  • Face: Not Sure If Grin (150 Robux)
  • Back: Black Iron Cape (200 Robux)
  • Hat: Black Haunted Rabbit Mask (120 Robux)
  • Shirt: Batman Costume (5 Robux)
  • Total: 475 Robux

Extra: Knight Animation Package (500 Robux)

2. Superman (DC)


Another popular superhero from the DC universe, the Man of Steel, is a favorite amongst children since it’s arguably the most popular superhero character. This flying Kryptonian can be created by:

  • Face: Sigmund Smirk (45 Robux)
  • Hair: Roblohunk Hair (95 Robux)
  • Shirt: Superman Costume (5 Robux)
  • Back: Red Cape (100 Robux)
  • Total: 250 Robux

3. Naruto (Naruto Shippuden)


Legend says that if you see Naruto, you will know the meaning of life. One of the most popular anime of all time, this orange blonde ninja is a fan favorite amongst all anime lovers. You can become Naruto yourself by:

  • Face: Joyous Surprise Smile (20 Robux)
  • Hair: Ninja with the Cool Blonde Hair (200 Robux)
  • Shirt: Naruto Costume (5 Robux)
  • Gear: Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Knight (15 Robux)
  • Total: 240 Robux

Extra: Ninja Animation Package (500 Robux) – get this to run like a ninja with your hands behind you. 

4. Goku (DragonBall Z/ Super)


He is the martial artist maniac that started it all. If you don’t know who Goku is, we suggest watching DragonBall Z. This show started the anime craze worldwide, making anime mainstream in the west. If you want to dress up as this Saiyan, then you have to buy these accessories:

  • Shirt: Goku Costume (5 Robux)
  • Face: Joyous Surprise (20 Robux)
  • Hair: Black Fluffed Hair (100 Robux)
  • Total: 125 Robux

5. Wonder Woman (DC)

Wonder Woman

Ever since Gal Gadot appeared as the titular character in the film Wonder Woman (2017), fans have been dressing up as her in-game to pay tribute to one of the best female superheroes of all time. You too can become an Amazonian princess by purchasing these items:

  • Shirt: Wonder Woman Costume (5 Robux)
  • Face: Skeptic Look (40 Robux)
  • Hair: Amelia Hair (100 Robux)
  • Total: 145 Robux

6. The Hulk (Marvel)

The Hulk

If you have ever seen Marvel movies like the Avengers, you know who this means, the green scientist is. Bruce Banner, aka Hulk, is one of the most famous pop-culture icons because of his immense strength and big, green, muscular physique. You, too, can get angry and transform into the Hulk by having these items in your inventory:

  • Face: Grr! (35 Robux)
  • Shirt: Hulk Costume (10 Robux)
  • Hair: Roblohunk Hair (95 Robux)
  • Total: 140 Robux

7. The Overseer (Medieval Warfare: Reforged)

The Overseer

One of the most famous fan-made RPG games in Roblox is Medieval Warfare: Reforged. You can choose a faction amongst four and battle against each other in this arena-style gladiator simulator. The Overseer is one of the most popular because of his mask and iconic green costume. You, too, can become the Overseer by buying the Overseer costume pack available for 2000 Robux. Therefore, this Roblox character is the most expensive on this list. 

8. Red Guard (Squid Games)

Red Guard

If you saw the Netflix Korean series The Squid Game (2021), then you know who the Red Guards are. Famous for their mysterious hidden personas, you always feel threatened around them since you can get killed by them anytime and every time you lose in a squid game. You, too, can dress up as the Red Guard by having these items in your inventory:

  • Face: Friendly Cyclops (55 Robux)
  • Hat: Red Hazmat Hood (50 Robux)
  • Shirt: Squid Game Guard Costume (10 Robux)
  • Gear: VN9K Gun (100 Robux)
  • Total: 215 Robux

9. Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer)

Nezuko Kamado

This is your chance if you want to dress up as a cute Roblox character. This cute demon from the recently famous hit anime Demon Slayer has become the most commonly used female Roblox character in the game. You, too, can become as pretty as her by buying these items:

  • Hair: Long Black Hair (80 Robux)
  • Shirt: Nezuko Kamado Kimono (10 Robux)
  • Face: Joyful Expressive Smile (65 Robux)
  • Hat: Cute Pink Double Line Hair Pins (20 Robux)
  • Gear: Bamboo Snack (25 Robux)
  • Total: 200 Robux

10. DenisDaily (YouTube Content Creator)


While he may not be a fictional character, DenisDaily still is one of the best Roblox content creators on YouTube. Famous for making family-friendly Roblox content and making the game famous, many fans pay tribute to this former content creator by dressing up as Denis, the Roblox character boy. You, too, can pay your tribute to DenisDaily by having these items in your inventory:

  • Hair: Brown Charmer Hair (Free)
  • Face: Silly Fun (Free)
  • Shoulder: Busines Cat Accessory (200 Robux)
  • Shirt: Denis Official Shirt (5 Robux)
  • Pant: Black Jeans with White Shoes (Free)
  • Total: 205 Robux

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Who Is The Main Roblox Character?

The main character of Roblox is Jake, who can be seen in the Roblox movie, voiced by Oscar Isaac.

Q2. What Is The Coolest Roblox Character?

In terms of appearance, the Overseer is the coolest-looking Roblox character.

Q3. What’s The Name Of The Character Of Roblox?

The names of the main Roblox character from the show are:

• Jake (voiced by Oscar Isaac)
• Funneh (voiced by Kat La)
• Draco (voiced by Allen La)
• Rainbow (voiced by Wenny La)
• Lunar (voiced by Kim La)

Q4. What Do Roblox Characters Do?

A Roblox character represents the in-game avatar that everyone sees you as. As a result, you can participate in many user-made games with your friends.


Roblox is a great game to play and have fun with friends. Its intricate character creation system, along with the ability to create your own game (inside a game), makes Roblox highly popular amongst children and teenagers. In addition, the possibility to dress up as a fictional Roblox character after spending some money on the store is a great addition that allows for more outstanding customization options. 

If you want to read more Roblox-related content, then share this article with your Roblox playing friends and check out our other articles as well!

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