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If you are searching for information on Universal Robots India, then you must read this article. In this article we have provided all the information about the company, Universal Robots. Listed information includes history of UR and their products, industries, application and services.

What Are Collaborative Robots?

Collaborative robots are a form of robotic automation arm that was designed to work alongside human workers in a collaborative and shared space. Making humans work like robots or robots replace humans, the idea of cobot is to work in collaboration with humans.

In most applications, humans perform complex and thought intensive tasks in collaborative robots perform menial and repetitive tasks. The collaborative robot was designed for accurate, uptime and repeatable work that complements human workers intelligence and problem solving skills.

Collaborative robots are designed differently in industrial robots. The collaborative robot was designed keeping in mind safety with force limitations, light weights, and rounded edges.

Universal Robots

Universal Robots is a manufacture company in Denmark that manufactures small, flexible collaborative robot’s arms or cobots. The company is based in Odense, Denmark and in 2015 an Teradyne, an American automatic test designer company owns it.

Universal Robots became the first company to begin develop and manufacture safe collaborative robots. These collaborative robots could safely operate parallel to employees without needing any safety fencing or cages.

Universal Robots has a 40-50% market share of manufacture collaborative robots in the market as of 2022. The Universal Robots company has 1000 employees that work towards a common vision of creating a world where robots work with people.

Their tag line is “Automation for anyone. Anywhere.’ Universal Robots innovation of robotic technology of collaborative robots that have changed the way of work globally. They kept on making business more resilient, human centric and sustainable.

Small to medium business have overcome skill and labor shortage with the help of collaborative robots or cobots. These cobots have also helped business create a better working environment for their employees.

Universal Robots collaborative and automation platforms are helping create “a future where any company, anywhere in the world, will be able to automate.”

History Of Universal Robots

In 2005, Esben Ostergaard, Kristian Kassow and Kasper Stoy founded Universal Robots in  Odense, Denmark. These three founders of Universal Robots during a joint research at Syddansk Universitet Odense came to a conclusion that the robotics industry was dominate by expensive, unwield and heavy robots.

Thai conclusion led them to create a robot technology suitable for medium and small business. These robot technologies will also be accessible for smaller business who couldn’t afford heavy and expensive robots.

The first cobot or collaborative robot arm UR5 was launch in 2008.
The second cobot or collaborative robot arm UR10 was launch in 2012.
The table top collaborative robot arm or cobot UR3 was launch in the spring of 2015.

Universal Robots launch a UR Academy which was a training platform where in-class or online robotics training courses were provided. This development happen in 2016 after Universal Robots was acquire by Teradyne in 2015 for 258 million dollars.

In 2016 Universal Robots launch another platform, UR+ Ecosystem that provided third party developers a space to create and sell products which were compatible with cobots or collaborative robots from the company.

A new generation of cobots were introduce by Universal Robots in Automatica 2018 which is a German trade fair for Munich’s smart automation and robotics. The new generation cobots were call “e-Series.”The UR16e cobot was launch in 2019 by Universal Robots.

The company install 50,000 collaborative robots in 2020 worldwide.

In 2022, the company announce that they are set to build a new headquarter in Odense, Denmark. Universal Robot and its sister company MiR will share this new headquarter. The company will become the largest hub for cobots and autonomous mobile robots in the world.

The 100th training center of Universal Robots was open in Taby, Sweden in 2022 for collaborative robots programming. In 23 countries, Universal Robots has opened its training centers.

The UR20 cobot was reveal in 2022 Automatica by the company, making it the latest addition to the cobot series.

Universal Robots India

Universal Robots will benefit India in several ways. The cobots will help India’s manufacturing industry achieve higher quality products, flexibility, more profitability, higher employee satisfaction and increased productivity.

Integrating cobots with existing machinery or other robots using sophisticated programming software and PLCs will increase productivity of businesses. Especially with the current competitive situation in the manufacturing market globally Indian manufacture need the advantage of cobots at present. This will help India take position as a manufacture hub in the world.

Cobots are affordable with high return of investment which can be accessible by small and medium business in India. Cobots help meet demands of high quality products at lower cost due to decrease in labor and operational costs. This kind of advantage from robots is highly need in Indian business to increase production to meet demands.

Cobots helps any size company anywhere grow, compete and profit from their addition to the business. Cobots are versatile, flexible and easy to integrate in the work process without needing costly installations.

According to Dell India’s Manufacturing Operations Head, Navneet Kejriwal, “The most positive thing about UR is reliability. We deployed the first cobot in our plant 3 years ago, and it has gone through over a million cycles since then, all with zero downtime. In the current COVID-19 situation, we’ve rearranged people in the production line to allow for social distancing between every two individuals. Our cobots are especially useful here, allowing for a person and robot to work together without any fear of virus transmission.”

UR have collaborated with Bajaj Auto manufacturer in Chakan, Aurolab in Madurai, Shruti Engineers in Pune and more.


We hope this article was able to provide you with an insight on Universal Robots and collaborative robots. What are your thoughts about this unique innovation for business that helps achieve more productivity through collaborative work between humans and robots.

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