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Are you looking for data lab that will help you uncover all your data offering in your organization or business? Then this article might interest you as we have provided information about one such data lab called Domino Data Lab. Domino offers a centralized data science system for your organization that will help your organization uncover potential data for effective work practices.

Keep reading to learn more about Domino Data Lab.

What is Domino Data Lab?  

Domino Data Lab developed a centralized system that specializes in tracking all data science activities in a company or organizations. This centralized system of Domino Data Lab creates a layer upon the AWS computer or storage foundation.

Domino Data Lab was founded by Nick Elprin who is also the CEO of the company. Chris Yang and Matthew Granade. Domino was founded in 2013 and the headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. The company hit a revenue of 14.6 million dollars in 2023.

Thomas Robinson is the COO of Domino Data Lab while Tom Gleason is the CFO of the company. Some the major investors in the company are Highland Capital Partners, Great Hill Partners, Nvidia, Bloomberg BETA, Coatue, Sequoia, Snowflake, Dell Technologies Capital, and IQT.

Domino Data Lab have offered its service to well known companies like Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Leidos, Janssen, Lockheed Martin, Red Hat, AllState and Verizon. According to PrivCo, Domino Data Lab valuation stands beteen 500 million to 1 billion dollars as of 2021.

While the company has a revenue of 14.6 million dollars as of 2023.

Why Use Domino Data Lab?  

If you are thinking about why you should use Domino Data Lab, then you might want to read this.

  1. Firstly, Domino Data Lab is fast, responsible and cost-effective.
  2. Domino offers a unified and collaborative platform that helps you build, manage and deploy AI models quickly. You can easily access, compute, projects, models and tools from any place. Using Domino Data Lab you can track models, establish best practices and collaborate in production of scale AI or accelerate it ensuring reduced cost and governance.
  3. Domino Data Lab offers you the access to the broad ecosystem of open source tools, commercial tools and infrastructure that will lead to best innovations.
  4. By using Domino, you can keep record of the AI operations across your company or organization. You can use this knowledge to enable best practices across your company or enable cross-functional collaboration with stakeholders globally and enable effective and faster innovations.
  5. Domino Data Lab will integrate your organization’s workflow and automate it as well by creating a centralized system for knowledge which all teams in the organization can use.
  6. You can run AI workloads anywhere in hybrid or on premises or any cloud or multi-cloud for a lower cost and optimize the performance using Domino.
  7. Domino Data Lab will help you manage AI risks with its audit-ready platform that offers best reproductivity.
  8. Turnkey model governance along with remedial and monitoring for all AI operations.

Domino Data Lab MLOps  

Domino Data Lab’s MLOps was developed for companies to solve their infrastructural friction challenges, lack of collaboration and production challenges using data science to scale. One of the features offered by the platform is the system for record that allows users to centralize the data science work that teams can use to find, reuse and reproduce work.

This centralized system enables learning from previous experiments or gain knowledge from reused code, artifacts and helps replicate environments and offers integrated project management.

Domino MLOps platform also offers another feature called integrated model factory that supports the whole of the data science lifecycle from idea to production. Using this Domino Data Lab feature, you can explore data which can be used to train machine learning models. Integrated model factory also help users to monitor, validate and deploy ideas and models during production.

What Is Data Lab?  

Data Lab is a data science system that uncovers your organization or business data. Using this data, the system facilitates data experimentation using data science. Data lab helps uncover necessary questions the business should ask and also help find the answer as well.

Reviews On Domino Data Lab

Here are some reviews on Domino Data Lab by customers that you might like.

Chris McPherson who is a data scientist says,

“With Domino, we now have managed environments per project and we’ve pinned all of the different libraries to specific versions.”

Sean Lensborn who is a Chief Information Officer says,

“Domino helps us deliver more value to the business by putting more powerful tools in the hands of our analysts.”

Heidi Lanford says,

“Our investment in Domino has led to a return of around 10x in terms of efficiency for our data science community.”

George Katsaros who is Vice President of Credit Policy,

“A form of version control for projects. At the same time, it’s obviously a very powerful computation platform. The fact that we can combine those two elements in the same place is extremely efficient.”

KatRisk CEO Dag Lohman says,

“At KatRisk, our focus is on delivering the most accurate flood and wind risk models possible. Domino helped us get our products to market faster, and provided a full platform for our data science needs.”

Amy Gu, data scientist at AllState says,

“Domino encourages us to experiment more. The more projects we can get through, the less time and effort we have to spend relearning or recreating results or doing the same thing twice.”

Tyler Hunt, data scientist at Snap Finance says,

“Domino let us launch quickly, we didn’t have to worry about any of the backend engineering.”

Chief Data Science Officer of AllState, Eric Huls says,

“We are using data and analytics to inform decisions throughout every part of the organization, from products, sales, operations, marketing and claims, and have really tried to weave fact-based decision making into the fabric of the organization.”

Soulib G. says,

“Perfect platform for AI, ML and data science, “ about Domino Data Lab MLOps.

Mandi N. says,

“Domino’s platform has user friendly interface which makes it easier to deploy models and collaborate with teams. The centralized environment helps in efficiently managing all the functionalities. Seamless integration with data science tools and cloud platforms.”


Now that you have all the information about Domino Data Lab, will you be using their platform. If you do then please let us know how was your experience using their services.

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