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Discord Vs Skype – Which One Is Better?


When it comes to the voice and communication applications discord and Skype come out at the top.  These two are some of the best communication applications you will ever find anywhere.  However, much as this is or has been the case, there is still a debate and a heated one for this matter about these two applications.  The Discord vs Skype discussion has been around and continues to elicit mixed reactions from all over.  

Much of the discussion that has been around regarding these two applications revolves around which one of them is better.  Whether it is discord or Skype, there are many people who find interest in knowing which one of them is the best application.  As such, they have led to the Skype vs discord discussion to help establish the best application between these two.  

In this view, therefore, the text below takes a look at the whole issue of discord vs Skype to help you make the right selection between them.  If you have been waiting for a piece of information that will help you make the best choice between these two then read the text below for better information on the same.  

The discussion will be looking at various factors that will help inform a better choice in this regard.  Performance and others are some of the things that will be looked at in a bid to help establish a better application between discord and Skype.  

What Is Discord? 

Before getting underway with the discord vs Skype, it is important to take time and discuss these two applications in detail. There are some people who do not even know what they are.  As such, it is important to take time and look at each one of them to enable them to know what these two are before carrying on with this discussion.  

Discord can be best described as an application that basically serves the role of communication.  The application basically does voice and text communication and is also free of charge for use.  The application has been getting better and better by every passing day and is now a better application for communication.  


Skype on the other hand is known to many people given its popularity across the globe.  In fact, this application is used more by many people from across the globe for communication purposes.  However, if you still do not know what it is then here is what you need to know about it.  Skype is an all-in-one application that is used for voice calls as well as messaging.  

Unlike discord which is primarily used for messaging and calls, Skype goes way beyond that to offer other services as well.  These services include video conferencing which makes it easy for you to connect with other people who might be far from you.  

Discord Vs Skype 

Having looked at what Skype and discord are, it is now time to look deeper into the issue of discord vs Skype.  The view of this debate is to help you establish which one between these two is the best for you if you wish to communicate.  

Privacy: Discord Vs Skype

Privacy is one of the ways that you can use to tell if you are dealing with the right communication application or not. On this issue, discord and skype fair on in different ways.  Discord and skype all come with similar functionalities, they are different in some ways.  

However, when it comes to matters of privacy these two applications perform differently.  Even though these two appear to lack some privacy, one of them is above the other in some ways.  There have been reports of security breaches that have been reported on the discord application.  

Many users of this application complained of having their private data leaked to other people.  Their locations for instance were some of the highly compromised areas in these breaches.  Even though Skype does not give a guarantee to privacy, it does better when compared to discord.  

Security: Discord Vs Skype 

On the issue of security, discord appears to be doing better when compared to Skype.  In fact, it is the eventual winner in the discord vs Skype debate.  Discord uses DDoS as well as IP protection.  On the other hand, Skype does not appear to do well on this issue as it is presumed to be poorly organized in terms of security.  

Even though Skype has been making efforts to make sure that they improve its security, that has not yet convinced many people about its privacy yet.  There are some who feel that the application is not as secure as it is supposed to be.  

Sound Quality: Discord Vs Skype 

There is no way you are going to look at the discord vs Skype without having to mention the issue of sound quality. This is also another factor that plays a role in helping determine which one of these two is the best and worth working with.  

There is a difference between discord and Skype in terms of audio transmission as well as data usage.  Skype works more in the same way as a conventional phone connection.  It transmits data and audio continuously.  On the other hand, discord only sends audio data any time someone is speaking on a phone.  

File-Sharing: Discord Vs Skype

Discord and Skype make it easier for their users to share files with an unlimited number of users.  However, the difference between these two is the number of files that can be shared.  For the skype users, they are restricted to sharing files up to 300MB only.  

On the other hand, the file volume shareable between discord and other people varies.  If you are a free user then you are limited to the only 8Mb.  If you are a Nitro user then you might be allowed to share up to 10Mb all of which are below the limit skype offers.  


There have been discussions between discord vs Skype with people seeking to know which one of them is the best.  If you have any questions in this regard you can refer to the text above, it offers all the information you need in this regard.  

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