DataRobot Making Data Science More Easy And Efficient  


Does developing predictive models seem to take a lot of time? If so, then you can try the DataRobot platform to easier your development and deployment process of predictive models.

This 2012 machine learning platform DataRobot have accelerated the process of developing predictive models for data scientists and data analysts.  In fact, people with no expertise in programming languages can use this platform as well. Keep reading to learn more about DataRobot.

What Is DataRobot?  

DataRobot is a machine learning platform where automation and acceleration of predictive analytics help scientists and analysts develop and deploy correct predictive models in a short span of time which other solutions would take a lot more time.

Using DataRobot you can optimize and use some of the valuable open source model techniques like Python, R, H2O, XGBoost, Spark, VW, etc. DataRobot Inc. Founded by Jeremy Achin and Tom de Godoy in 2012. They worked at Travelers Insurance and was convinced there was a supply-demand problem in data science which led to starting the company.

DataRobot enables data scientists as well as non-technical business analysts to help automate all model development tasks that were time-consuming like data cleaning or deployment. This process is known as AutoML or automated machine learning. By automating these model development tasks users can speed up their time to build operational technical models.

CRM Healthcare Company’s Director Of Analytics said, “With our team of just three data scientists we’ve built and deployed hundreds of high quality models for our diverse portfolio of healthcare clients. DataRobot is a multiplier to our productivity and the overall quality of our contribution to the industry at large.”

Product Of DataRobot  

In a machine learning project there are different people like data engineers, data scientists and data analysts who manually prepared data and trained predictive models before testing them. This whole process takes a long time and requires expertise in statistical and domain knowledge along with programming language.

DataRobot product focuses on making this development process in data science team easier and efficient. DataRobot platform can help users in model training, data preparation, deployment and monitoring. Even uses with little or no technical expertise can use this AI platform to develop and deploy operational models.

DataRobot specific machine learning solutions are designed to help decision makers of businesses, data scientists, engineers and data analysts reduce the complexities in developing models and helps them to put their models to the test early.

The Process Of DataRobot  

You can use the DataRobot product by uploading your data on its platform and choose your target variables on the platform that you want to forecast. DataRobot can train several models at a time so compare and select your best model as per your need.

You can use a single line of API code to deploy your model and integrate your model into applications or business processes.

In 2023, DataRobot announced a new AI Platform 9.0 that was developed as a life-cycle platform for generative and predictive AI with a broad ecosystem interoperability.The company developed Pathfinder, that lets you find hundreds of AI-powered applications or notebooks, use cases, and third-party connectors and integrations like Amazon S3 and Snowflake.

Reviews On DataRobot  

Here are some reviews on DataRobot by its users.

Shubham R. who is a Data Scientist says, “DataRobot Review for modeling data science project.”

href=”#_What do you like best about DataRobot?” What do you like best about DataRobot?It basically helps in deploying and modelling ML models. It is automated technology that helps us in data preprocessing, feature engineering choosing the best model and even hyperparameter tuning. It is time-saving and can handle large data. and always choose best model for our project. 

What do you dislike about DataRobot?
it is costly and not as good as IBM Watson. Sometime it does not gives us the best model and we have to choose ourselves and also customization are limited.
What problems is DataRobot solving and how is that benefiting you?
Time saving in choosing the best model and data pre-processing.

Nikolaos T. says, Customer Lifetime Value Predictions” about DataRobot. He wrote,

What do you like best about DataRobot?
Automated feature engineering, multiple algorithms trained, automated comparisons.

What do you dislike about DataRobot?
Limited applications in probabilistic and neural network applications for Customer Lifetime Value prediction.

What problems is DataRobot solving and how is that benefiting you?Forecasting and automated outputs.

Verified User in Financial Services says, “Algorithmia – Eliminating the dependency on dev ops.”

What do you like best about DataRobot?
Algorithmia has really put the power back in the hands of our data scientists and R&D developers. One of the key bottlenecks our organization faced was pushing code from dev into production, due to the time spent containerizing our code and the skillset required to do so. Especially in situations when we are constantly iterating and publishing new versions, the ability to containerize without support from dev ops is extremely powerful. 

What do you dislike about DataRobot?
Two of the main areas for improvement would be parity with Azure repos and more business-focused reporting of platform consumption. We have stakeholders in both technical and business areas, and struggle to communicate this across teams. Additionally, SAS is a very popular language in our line of business, which Algorithmia does not currently support. 

What problems is DataRobot solving and how is that benefiting you?In addition to the bottleneck from code containerization, Algorithmia has also helped our team with knowledge transfer. Our organization is a large, global company and we have had difficulty in the past with sharing code across teams. Algorithmia has become a centralized platform for our teams to work.

Michael B. says, “Also able to develop automated algorithms for energy efficiency and saving applications.”

What do you like best about DataRobot?
At Freiburger Energieoptimierung UG (, DataRobot accelerated the pace of our analytics applied to energy efficiency and savings. Our team is integrated of Physicians who have a great knowledge of physical behaviors but we don’t have the time and the resources to develop a platform where we can analyze data from energy applications. DataRobot offers us automated solutions that are contributing for faster energy data analysis and also new discoveries with Machine Learning. The interface is very easy to use. 

What do you dislike about DataRobot?
DataRobot showed us that we need to have more data in order to proceed with some routines. Now we are investing more in time in finding this data in the real world so we can put it into these machine learning algorithms. 

What problems is DataRobot solving and how is that benefiting you?
It helping us with everything related to data visualization, data analytics, discovery of patterns, automation of behaviors, tracking of information, definition of different scenarios, controlling issues, performances, etc…


Let us know your thoughts about this platform and would you like to give it a try ?

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