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Top Consumer Tech Trends In The Upcoming Year 2024


Every new year, there is something new that becomes a trending factor of the year be it hairstyle, or fashion. Latest technology or a new song by an artist. 2023 saw some trends with AI race becoming more and more progressive while Barbenheimer became a talked about phenomenon and fashion choices seem to be going back in the past. With fashion trends from the past becoming new trends this year.

In 2024, there will be a few new trends as well from technology to the fashion sector. In this article, we talk about technology trends of the upcoming year 2024. You might have already known about this first trend after the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 became a talked about phone at the end of 2023.

The AI wave gained its momentum this year across the globe, with people debating on advantages and disadvantages of AI. In 2024, more tech companies will be launching their AI products in the market all over the world. So, lets start with top consumer tech trends that’s going to gain a strong foothold in the upcoming year.

Bendable And Foldable Phones Are The New Trend In The Smartphone Market  

Bendable and foldable phones are going mainstream, with several smartphone brands launching their own foldable phones. Samsung is becoming a notable name for its Galaxy Fold series, which comes with several features and design for different modes.

In 2022 only some brands were launching their foldable phones. But interest from consumers has led to more brands launching their own foldable phones in 2023. So it can expect that in 2024. Foldable phone demand will only increase and more smartphone brands will try to join the race.

Motorola in the late 90s and early 20s, made the first foldable phones and they seem to take that knowledge and reinvented the foldable phones. Motorola created a bendable phone with plastic OLED screen called FHD+pOLED. Which is flexible.

Using this pOLED phone screen, the phone can be bend to form a U-shape to be worn as a smartwatch or flat when used as a smartphone.

Everything Smart  

In 2024, people will want more smart devices as they make life a lot easier. Smart TVs and refrigerators are not the only products that people invest in. Smart computers, home appliances, home infrastructure, security equipment and convenience-based appliances will also be in demand in 2024.

Consumers will spend more on smart connected devices, which will add value to their lifestyles.Faisal Kawoosa, the founder and chief analyst of Techarc, said, “There is a need to add significant value in these devices to get consumers excited, furthering the growth of the overall market. We are already seeing the smartphone market stagnating. In other smart devices, we have scope if we improve the value quotient for consumers.”

AI Assistant  

As per a CyberMedia Research study (CMR) issued recently. Enterprises are using AI at workplace to improve customer services accounting for 90% of companies. Marketing and sales campaigns and maintenance is second most tasks done with the help of AI at the workplace.

Several tech companies incorporate Artificial Intelligence Assistants within their softwares that make tasks easier to complete in short time. So in the coming year AI Assistants is expected to be in more demand as it is changing company and customer relationships for better. Customer service is more efficient, customized, and responsive using AI Assistant as it can align with individual requirements and preferences of both customers and enterprise needs.

AI Assistants are continuously learning resulting in better and better work efficiency. AI Assistants’ efficiency will automatically encourage enterprises to shift towards investing in AI softwares to better consumer experience. After all, consumer experience is one of the main factors to a recognition of a brand or business.

AI In Hardware  

Humane AI pin launched showed what AI can do when incorporated within hardware making screens unnecessary. Humane AI pin is a small square device that can be pinned to your shirts and given command to perform functions like translation, calling, messaging and to change interface when connected with cloud based-services.

If AI incorporated with hardware is more evolved in the next year, the demand for AI products will increase. Already AI tools are being used at workplace and for schoolwork to achieve quick and efficient results.Although smartphone screens are yet to be replaced by introduction of AI pin but who can predict what happens in near future.

Made In India  

The tech wave is flowing towards India as more consumer tech is being manufactured in India. In the coming year 2024, consumers are going to see more tech being made domestically as tech giants like Apple started making iPhone 15 in India.

Tech companies like OnePlus and Samsung already consider India a great market to sell their products but that doesn’t necessarily hamper ‘Made in India’ products. As Indian tech sector is flourishing with new consumer products being launched every year from WiFi-routers, set-top boxes and televisions being made in India.

After smartphones, TVs, routers and set-top boxes are going to be the top exports from India in the coming years. Made in India software tech are already being noticed across the globe for its efficiency. Some of these Indian developed softwares are Aadhaar, JanDhan and DPI or Digital Public Infrastructure which is increasingly gaining popularity in several global markets.

AI stack and 4G/5G stack might also go global in 2024.


Let us know your thoughts about these top consumer tech trends of 2024. Do you think these trends will continue in 2024 or would die down in 2024?

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