Game Of Thrones Map In Detail

Complete Guide Of Game Of Thrones Map In Detail


There was a time when TV shows were far behind movies and used to be average. However, things have taken a significant turn in recent years. Now, the TV series goes toe to toe with movies both popularity and earning. There is plenty of TV series available that became a big hit. When talking about popular and hit TV series, the most common name that comes to mind is Game of Thrones. 

It was a hugely popular show that aired on HBO and was based on the top-selling book by R. R. Martin. The Game Of Thrones watchers has a lot of questions from all the different seasons. One of the things they want to know is the Game Of Thrones map. We have seen all the beautiful places throughout the series. 

Now, they want to find out the details about all the locations. So, we will talk about the Game Of Thrones map in this article with details. 

Game Of Thrones Map Guide In Detail

Game Of Thrones Map Guide In Detail

The total map of Game Of Thrones world is daunting, with all the different kingdoms. It sure jogs up some memories and moments about the show. Although it is not easy to break the map and provide insight, we have tried our best to provide you with the best guide. 

Here is the Game of Throne Wold map that lets you take a look at Essos and Westeros. Plenty of regions is available on the map that hasn’t been explored yet. So, take a good look at the map, and find the areas we are about to break down. 

1. The North 

You haven’t forgotten about The North that easily, right? It is the largest continuous region in the whole Seven Kingdoms of the Westeros. The TV series started from the North, where the Starks were introduced as Wardens of the North and Winterfell. 

This region has been the home of Starks for more than 8000 years, along with some other families like the Boltons, the Karstarks, the Reeds, The Umbersm, and others. The impact of this place is not that important in the show aside from the history of some families. Let’s take a look at some other regions of the Game Of Thrones map. 

2. The Reach 

The Reach is the central region of the Westeros, which is ruled by the House Tyrell. The House Tyrell also occupies the Castle Highgarden seats in the center. Some other landmarks of this place include the Citadel, Oldtown, and others. Houses like the Tarly also live in The Reach, as shown in the show. 

In season 6 of Game of Thrones, we have seen the Old Town in very detail. The high level of prosperity was always there in The Reach, just like the House Lannister. However, they do not have a massive army or political influence like the Lannisters. You can get a Game of Thrones world map to find these places easily and see their position on the map. 

3. Dorne 

The Drone might be one of the best places on the Game of Thrones map. You might remember the splendid gardens and the unique culture. This region is separated from the rest of the Westeros by the Red Mountains. So, the culture of this place is very different and unique. For most of history, the major families have ruled the region like the North. But, House Martell is now head of this region after the Game of Thrones season 7. So, this region plays a very important part in the Seven Kingdoms Game of Thrones map. 

4. The Westerlands 

This is another region on the map of the known world Game of Thrones, which is very popular. You have seen the Westerlands a lot in the TV series. This land has been ruled by Lannisters for a long time. The Lannisters are known for their immense wealth due to the iron veins and precious metals found in the land. Also, the land is known for military power and political brains. With the deadliest and biggest army, this land is popular around the whole Game of Thrones map. 

These are some most popular regions of the Game of Thrones Map. There are many other regions available that you can look at through a high-resolution Game of Thrones map. You will find the Riverlands, Vale, Stromlands, Iron Islands, Crowlands, Beyond The Wall, Qarth, Free Cities, Slaver’s Bay, Dothraki Sea, and many more. If you want to explore these lands, you can take the help of an interactive Game of Thrones map. There are plenty of websites available that provides Game of Thrones interactive map.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Where Is The Real Game Of Thrones?

Game Of Thrones was mostly filmed in different locations across Europe. Although some of the scenes were shot in other locations like Northern Ireland, Belfast, and others, most of the show was done in Europe. All the medieval fortresses and beautiful landscapes that you see in the background are located in Europe.

Q2. Is There A Map Of Game Of Thrones?

Yes, an official Game of Thrones map Essos and Game of Throne Map Westeros are available. From the free city where Arya Stark settled after leaving Westeros to where she learned to fight, everything is available.

Q3. Where Does Game Of Thrones Take Place In The World?

The Game Of Thrones series mostly takes place in Westeros. The knights and castles might help you to feel like England.

Q4. Where Is Game Of Thrones Map Based On?

Based on the author of Game Of Thrones, the map of Game Of Thrones is based on the inverter map of Ireland and Britain.


Game of Thrones is one of the biggest and most popular TV series. Worldwide, the book and TV series are known for their engaging storyline. However, many fans wonder about the world map of Game of Thrones to know the cities and regions in detail. 

This article will help you find the details of the Game of Thrones map and find insight into the popular regions. Make sure to go through the details of the cities to find out more. If this article helped you find out more about the Game of Thrones map, share it with others.

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