Best Teamviewer Alternative Tools

List Of Best Teamviewer Alternative Tools To Choose From In 2022


TeamViewer is popular computer software that allows users to gain remote access to other computers that it has permissions for. It will enable users to control other computers with their computers, even if they are far from each other in different countries. 

Professionals who work in a team use TeamViewer since they require a high degree of collaboration. First released in 2005, it has more than two billion device registrations. Each update has brought forth lots of features and changes that have shaped the uses of this software so far.

However, TeamViewer has its fair share of limitations, with the best features locked away behind a paywall. Therefore, many users are looking for TeamViewer alternative software that they can use to gain access to other computers. 

Is Teamviewer Safe?

Is Teamviewer Safe

While most users of TeamViewer use it for professional reasons, many have used the software to hack into other connected devices. Such hacking cases became rampant in 2017, prompting developers to release an emergency hotfix to curb hacking. 

It is safe to use TeamViewer within a smaller team size. However, larger team sizes may be susceptible to malicious attacks. Therefore, we recommend using another alternative to TeamViewer like those mentioned. We advise you to use TeamViewer only when required. 

Best Alternatives To Teamviewer

This article recommends the best alternative to TeamViewer that you can use right now and see what your team members are up to:

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension to the popular browser Google Chrome that provides similar functions to TeamViewer. While many have proclaimed that TeamViewer is complicated, this extension is straightforward to use and free to install. You can also control smartphones that have this extension, just like TeamViewer allows. 

Access to other devices is only possible if those devices also have Google Chrome installed with this extension. Unlike TeamViewer, this software does not allow connected users to text chat with each other. Chrome Remote Desktop’s ease of access and use makes this one of the best TeamViewer alternative software. 

2. Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant

Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant

If you had the thought that connecting with other Windows devices will be more accessible with software developed by Microsoft, then you are right. Microsoft released its version of TeamViewer called Microsoft Remote Desktop Assistant. This free alternative to TeamViewer has become quite popular recently.

Microsoft Remote desktop Assistant lets you gain control over any Windows PC you have access to.  It also allows users to use touch inputs and gestures that many touch laptops have.

3. AnyDesk


If you are looking for a lightweight application that you can install in a matter of seconds, then look no further than AnyDesk. This TeamViewer alternative will allow you to experience lightning-fast transmissions using DeskRT proprietary video codec. In addition, it will enable you to transmit videos and audio with almost zero latency.

You can try out AnyDesk for a limited free trial to check whether the software is worth installing or not. The main selling point of AnyDesk is the compression of data that allows you to send essential data in smaller sizes for faster access. It also allows VPN sharing from one device to another.

The main highlight of AnyDesk is the ability for 25 users to access an individual computer simultaneously. AnyDesk also allows for high-quality VoIP and other teleconferencing features, making it essential for professionals that use real-time chat features. You can test out the features of AnyDesk with a free 14-day trial session before you buy it for good.

4. Mikogo


If you want fast access to other computers, then Mikogo is the service you are looking for. This TeamViewer alternative will allow you to directly use the features of this service from the comfort of your browser.

Unlike Chrome Remote Desktop, this has chat functionality and features like a sharable whiteboard and media recording and playback support. If you are the admin of a group but don’t want to be anymore, you can easily switch out rules with the press of a key.

5. LogMeIn


As the name suggests, LogMeIn is one of the most demanded alternatives to TeamViewer. Providing 1TB of cloud storage space, you can efficiently share essential files and media, even the most extensive files. 

Unlike TeamViewer, which has a limit of 10 users accessing one computer, LogMeIn allows access by an infinite number of users. LogMeIn has high-security encryption provided by SSL/TLS. In addition, it will enable to host of one computer on multiple screens so that simultaneous tabs can be opened and operated at once. 

One of the most significant drawbacks to LogMeIn is the unavailability of web conference meetings, which most other TeamViewer alternatives have. Try out the 14-day trial version of this TeamViewer alternative before buying the premium version with more features. 

6. GoToMyPC


GoToMyPC is another tool at your disposal that you can use from even your smartphones to get access to any connected PC. This software helps office goers and business people to gain access to any file they want on the get-go, considerably boosting productivity. 

If you are worried about data security, rest easy by knowing that the connection is made secure with 256 bit AES security. You can also split the applications of the computer into multiple tabs and view them simultaneously on various screens. This feature allows for easier copy-pasting of data between all the connected computers. 

You can try this software out with a seven-day trial plan, along with getting 20% off on an annual subscription plan. 

7. Splashtop


Splashtop is one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer for performance and scalability. With the advent of the Covid pandemic, this software has become quite popular as it allows for the fastest file sharing among all connected computers. In addition, its ease of use and administration has made IT professionals a popular TeamViewer alternative. 

Splashtop also provides the best security in the form of a two-step verification process that triggers every time you access a computer. This feature ensures that no unauthorized personnel does not have access to computers they shouldn’t have access to. 

8. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is another TeamViewer alternative offering super-fast remote access to other computers. Zoho Assist is the only TeamViewer alternative in this list that offers multiplatform accessibility and connection between Windows and Mac systems. 

Zoho Assist offers two-factor authentication and SSL encryption, multiple chat options, and session recording. Like many other alternatives of TeamViewer, this also presents users with multi-monitor streaming and more accessible file transfer options. 

9. Real VNC Connect

Real VNC Connect

Real VNC Connect might suit your operations more if you have a small business. It offers password-protected 128 bit AES encryption like GoToMyPC, making this software secure and reliable. 

This software allows high-speed cloud streaming in all connected devices, along with remote access to even offline systems. Unfortunately, this software is light on web conferencing functions. Use it for a 30-day free trial to see whether it’s best for your business or not. 

10. Dameware Remote Everywhere

Dameware Remote Everywhere

Dameware Remote Everywhere is a remote cloud-based solution that allows lightning-fast connections to other systems. Decent setups take 8 seconds to connect to another computer.  Like Zoho Assist, it simultaneously enables wireless connection between Windows, macOS, and Linux systems. 

Intel Pro technology allows Dameware to reboot unresponsive computers and even add users to the Active Directory (AD) and delegate authorities through it. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What Can I Use Instead Of Team Viewer For Free?

Since Teamviewer became a favorite among professionals to work remotely, other software like AnyDesk, Mikogo, LogMeIn, and Real VNC Connect became popular. You can use these instead of TeamViewer.

Q2. Is AnyDesk Similar To TeamViewer?

AnyDesk is quite similar to TeamViewer. The significant difference is that it uses the DeskRT codec that makes viewing large files, especially videos, almost seamless with zero latency among all viewers.

Q3. Why Is TeamViewer No Longer Free?

TeamViewer still has a free version recommended among friends and family members. However, the paid version of the software is recommended to professionals since it contains many features not available in the free version.

Q4. Is AnyDesk Free?

AnyDesk is free for personal use for everyone. However, it has a paid version that excels in allowing remote access to other computers. It also provides remote customer care support that free users do not get.


While TeamViewer might be the best computer sharing software out there in the market, you can also use other software in its place that will provide a similar experience. So check out the ten software we have listed above and start remotely connecting to other computers at your leisure! Feel free to like and share this article if it helped you find what you were looking for!

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