best Spotify equalizer settings

How To Make Spotify Sound Better – Best Spotify Equalizer Settings


Spotify is one of the best music streaming services in the modern-day era.  The service comes with more than 50 million songs together with other types of content as well.  Spotify comes with both a free and paid subscription for its many users.  The Spotify open source has changed a big time the manner in which people listen to music especially with the best Spotify equalizer settings

However, even with the best music streaming services, the experience is never the same.  Even with Spotify, that is still the case.  Proper use of the Spotify equalizer features can enable you to enhance your experience on Spotify.  

However, not so many users know exactly how to use the enhanced Spotify equalizer features.  Knowing how to use the Spotify music equalizer features will enhance your music listening experience.  By using this music equalizer so well you will definitely create the best experience out of Spotify on your various devices.  

That said, the discussion below takes a look at how to make Spotify sound even much better.  If you are looking for the best and most enhanced music experience then the use of the best Spotify equalizer settings is what you need.  However, before taking on this discussion, it is very important to first look at the Spotify equalizer settings.  

Spotify Equalizer, The Best Spotify Equalizer Settings 

best spotify equalizer settings

The equalizer is simply a device used in the equalization of frequency which is dependent on the processing of audio signals.  With the use of the best spotify equalizer settings you can get a chance to fine-tune your music to specific frequencies in the music spectrum.  Other than that, you also get an opportunity to also personalize sound for different genres.  

However, if you do not know how to use the best spotify equalizer settings then you might miss out on these privileges.  This is exactly why it is essential for you to take some time to learn about the best spotify equalizer settings and how they work.  Having this knowledge will enable you to get the very best of an experience out of the Spotify music offering.  

How To Use The Spotify Equalizer On Android & iPhone

If you are using a mobile device then it is much easier for you to make changes to the best spotify equalizer settings. You can easily do this right from the Spotify application since the application offers you an in-built equalizer for its users.  

If you are using a mobile device and you intend to use the best Spotify equalizer you can easily do so using the steps below.  The steps are not so hard to follow and will also not take you a long period of time to complete.  

Step 1: 

Go to your iPhone Spotify equalizer 

Step 2: 

Once you are on your Spotify equalizer on your phone or even iPad press the home button which is located right at the bottom of the screen.  

Step 3: 

Once you are on the home section of the equalizer tap on the settings gear which is located in the top right corner.  The tapping should be able to take you to the equalizer right under the playback once you see it turn it on.  

Step 4:

Once you do this you will be able to see a window pop up.  From this window, you can customize specific frequencies depending on the kind of music that you are playing.  

Step 5: 

The fifth process is much simpler, once you are done with all this, you can choose a preset or even drag the dots located right on the equalizer.  With the use of these dots, you can locate the kind of music that you intend to listen to using your headsets or other devices.  

For a mobile device that is exactly how you can find the best Spotify equalizer settings.  However, if you are using Spotify on your PC or Mac then the process might be different. Fortunately, this text takes a look at how you can do that as well.  

Using Spotify Equalizer On Windows & Mac 

Using the in-built feature on the equalizer it is possible for you to adjust the bass and treble levels on your music devices.  Even better is the fact that you can carry out these processes with much ease and directly.  However, if you are using a desktop then you might need to turn to a third-party equalizer in altering the volume.  For better directions on how to do this with much ease read the text below: 

Spotify Equalizer Windows 

Equalify pro is much easier to use equalizer which seeks to improve the audio sound quality as well other applications.  Spotify is one of those applications that qualify seek to improve its quality.  With a genuine and valid license, you can easily change the equalizer on Spotify on your PC using the simple steps below.  

Step 1: 

Download the install the Equalify pro right on your windows computer then launch Spotify.  

 Step 2: 

Once you have done this choose a playlist or the album you wish to play.  Once you do this, a tiny EQ button will come right at the top of the bar.  

 Step 3: 

Once you see the EQ button click on it and then start to adjust the music you see right in the pop-up windows as per your demands.  This process is so simple and also cannot take you any longer to carry out and complete.  

As you can see, it is also easy and possible to get the best Spotify equalizer settings even on your pc with a simple process. Thus, whether you are using your android device or even your pc carrying out this process is not that complicated.  


Spotify is without any doubt one of the best music listening services you will ever find anywhere.  Using the best Spotify equalizer settings makes the experience on Spotify even much better.  The text above contains some of the best ways you can use to enhance your Spotify music experience using the best equalizer settings Spotify.  

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