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What Are Some Best PS5 Controllers Picks For Gamers In 2022?


Many people still think that gaming is fully dependent on skills. However, this is not the case for most of the cases. Having some of the accessories sure gives you an advantage over the other gamers. This is one of the major factors that can keep you at the top tier and get a better top score than someone who is not using any accessories but has the same skills as you. 

When it comes to accessories, one of the most common ones is the controllers. Controllers not only help you to get better control but also provide a better gaming experience. Although many people haven’t got their hands on a Ps5, they will eventually get it and look for a controller. 

The DualSense wireless controller comes with the new PS5, which is a very enhanced and upgraded controller. But that does not mean you have to settle with that; there are many other options out there that you can choose from. We did our research and found out the best PS5 controllers in this article. 

Some Of The Best PS5 Controllers To Choose From 

We researched a lot about all the different controllers available on the market. There are plenty of Ps5 controllers available to choose from. While some of them come with a high number of features, others are popular for being durable. You have to choose one based on many different things such as the price, quality, features, durability, and others. Make sure to go through all of them to find the best one easily. 

1. Aim Customized Controllers PS5 DualSense 

Aim Customized Controllers PS5 DualSense

When it comes to choosing the best Ps5 controllers, there are plenty available in the market. In the DualSence controller from Sony, you will not get many customization options available. On the other hand, there are plenty of customization options available in the Aim customized controller. When we are talking about customization options, it is not meant a little bit of customization. 

You will be able to customize every little detail of the controller to provide the best look. From sticks to buttons, you will be able to cover the rest of the controllers. From blank surfaces to other parts, you can customize them very well.

You can tune the triggers and remove the motors that vibrate to make it much lightweight. There are also options available to add paddle buttons on the controller. 

2. Razer Raiju Tournament Edition 

If you do not have any issues with using a controller of the PS4 era, Razer Raiju Tournament is one of the best available options for you. The design of this controller is very attractive, making it stand out among all the other ones.

One of the best things about this controller is the “mecha-tactile” action buttons. These buttons will ensure that the grip is perfect and that fingers are not slipping even if they are sweaty. 

This is one of the PS5 controllers, where you will be able to get interchangeable thumbsticks, multi-function buttons, half trigger mode, and many other features. There is also a hair-trigger mode that is designed especially for FPS games. Also, do not forget about the RGB lighting that makes the controllers look more fun and attractive. 

3. HexGaming Rival 

HexGaming Rival 

Love the DualSense controller? This one is the next or upgraded version of that controller that comes with customizations and many other features. It is a trendy alternative to the DualSense controller. You will be able to see both performance and aesthetic changes. 

There are tons of skin options to choose the perfect one based on your choice. Along with that, every controller comes with various thumbsticks with different shapes and height options. Overall, this is one of the best Ps5 controllers to help you get an outstanding gaming experience. 

4. DualSence Charging Station 

DualSence Charging Station 

Among all the others on this list, this is one of the most stylish and popular controllers. This gamepad is very popular for PS4 for its sturdy build and very good experience. However, try not to set it down on a flat surface with the cord plugged in. 

It can damage the controller and bend it as well. The weight of this controller is very low, which helps you to use it for a long time. Even after using these Ps5 controllers for a long time, they will not slip down from your hand. 

5. Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3

Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3

Want to get one of the best custom Ps5 controllers? Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 is one of a kind that comes with customization options and adjustments options as well. You will be able to customize the controller based on the game type and playing style.

Apart from that, you can also map the buttons based on the specific actions and several profiles to switch. It is compatible with both wireless and wired connections based on what you prefer. The design of the controller is very comfortable, and the quality is also excellent. If you are someone who has played games for a long time, this game controller is the best pick. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How Much Will A Ps5 Controller Cost?

The price of the DualSense Ps5 controller is around $69.99/Au$109. Based on the tech and features, the cost is pretty fair.

Q2. What Controllers Are Available For Ps5?

There are plenty of Ps5 controllers available that you can choose from.

• Hori Ps4 HOTAS Flight Stick 
• PlayStation 5 Media Remote 
• HexGaming Rival 
• DualSense Controller 
• Aim Controllers Customized Ps5 DualSense Controller 
• DualSense Charging Station

Q3. Can You Pre Order PS5 Controller?

Yes, you can pre-order the Ps5 controller before the release date. You can visit the official website to find out how to pre-order.


If you got your hands on the Ps5, the next thing that you need to do is choose the controller. However, choosing the best controller is not that easy as plenty of controllers is available in the market. Therefore, there are plenty of things that you need to check before choosing one. 
Choosing the wrong one can ruin your gaming experience and make it hard for you to play for a long time. This article will help you choose the best one and look at the list. From this list, you will be able to find different types of Ps5 controllers with various features. If the article helped you find the best-suited one, then share it with others.

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