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5 Best Features Of Amazon Music Playlist In 2021


Amazon music playlist is a very wide and big music streaming service.  With more than 50 million registered users from across the globe. With this number, it is only Spotify that can come close to amazon music in any way. The songs available on amazon music are available for streaming at a monthly fee.  

The fee incurred in the downloading of amazon music varies from one person to the other.  For instance, if you are an amazon prime member then you will pay $ 8 per month.  However, if you are not then this fee might go up to $ 10 per month. 

Nonetheless, amazon music remains one of the best music services you can ever find around.  With so many songs which are available for streaming, you will never run out of options.  That is not all, the amazon music playlist also comes with so many amazing features as well.  

These features are aimed at making your experience when listening to amazon music the best.  Given that not so many features do not know much about these features, it is only right to look at some of them.  Doing so will enable you to know exactly what you get from these features and how they can make your experience great.  

Amazon Music Playlist Features 

Amazon Music Playlist Features

There are quite a number of amazon playlist features.  The basic purpose of these features is to make sure that the experience people get on amazon is the best there is.  As you go about streaming your music on amazon, these features will make it even much better for you.

This is why it is essential for you to consider looking at some of these features with time.  As you do so you will be able to understand why they are some of the best and why you need to be using them.  In this regard, therefore, the text below takes a look at some of the best amazon music playlist features.  

1. Sing Or Better Still Read Along 

Sing Or Better Still Read Along 

This is one of the best features of amazon music.  This feature allows you to get the lyrics of many songs right there on the screen as you listen to your song.  If you are one of those people who like singing a long session then this is one of the best features you will ever get anywhere.  

The lyrics in these feature moves along with the song being played in real-time.  However, it is also worth noting that this feature is not so easy to spot in desktop applications.  This means, if you want to see the feature then you will have to click on the little lyrics button.  

This button is located on the name of the track that you are currently playing.  However, if you are using a mobile phone then it’s much easier for you to use the feature. To get the feature, tap on the double line which is located on the playback bar.  It is a common feature that comes with the amazon music playlist limit

2. The Reduced Data Usage Feature 

The Reduced Data Usage Feature

The amazon music applications allow you to choose the audio quality of the tunes you are streaming.  This is always the case when you are streaming through a cellular connection.  This, therefore, means that you get an opportunity to cut down data if you wish but that will come at the expense of your ears.  

If you are using an android device then the process is even much simpler.  All you need to do is tap on the cog icon then the mobile networks will stream quality.  As you do this, you will be able to reduce your data usage and still listen to your favorite music.  

3. keep Your Music For Good 

keep Your Music For Good 

The amazon music playlist sells MP3s and other music streaming packages as well.  This is a feature that very few of the other music streaming services offer.  Even though it is not possible to access the digital store directly from IOS, there is a way that you can use to do this on android platforms.  

To do or make this possible, tap right on the three-dot menu button which is located on the top right.  Once you do this, select shop for and that will be it.  If you are using a desktop application all you need to do is tap on the follow the store link which is located right at the top of the screen.  

Any purchases you make on this platform will be added right on my music app tabs.  These tabs are available on the desktop as well as mobile applications.  Once you do this, the selected songs will stay around even after you cancel your amazon music.  

4. Ask Alexa To Name The Song 

Ask Alexa To Name The Song 

If you have an echo or if not that then another Alexa-enabled device in your home then you can also work with that. Using this device, you can do some neat tricks using the amazon music playlist.  One of the things you can do with this is to be able to identify a song from a line or two using the lyrics.  

All you need to do is say hi Alexa and some of the song lyrics you know.  Once you do that, Alexa will help you to check the song lyrics and help you find the song.  It is this simple, no need to struggle much with it.  

5. Share Your Music 

Share Your Music

Amazon music playlists have neglected the sharing option.  Amazon Music offers you a number of ways that you can use to share your favorite music.  For instance, if you have some people you would like to share your music with then there is always a way that you can use to make all this possible.  Much like other services, you can import an iTunes playlist to amazon music also. 


There are many features that come with amazon music playlist.  Some of these features are listed above for your own consideration.  You can check some of the above for a much better understanding of the same.  

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