Are AirTags Waterproof, Or Do You Need A Case

Are AirTags Waterproof, Or Do You Need A Case?  


Apple AirTags have become popular recently for people who love to keep track of everything they hold dear. With Apple AirTags, you can attach them to anything to keep track of them at all times. Be it your wandering dog or cat, your child going to school,  or keeping track of your car at all times – you can simply use your iPhone to track its real-time location.

But are AirTags waterproof?

What do you think happens when it rains? What might happen if your dog decides to go for a swim wearing it? Will they still stay active? Or will they break down dur to water? Do you need to buy an additional waterproof case for them?

If you have such questions in your mind, then you have come to the right place. Read this post until the end to learn more about Apple AirTags and their water resistance.

Apple AirTags – Are They Waterproof?  

Every Apple AirTag owner has the same question: Are Apple AirTags waterproof?

Here, the honest answer is that no electrical gadgets are genuinely waterproof. This includes all Apple products, including the Apple AirTags as well.

However, most people have the misconception that Apple AirTags are waterproof. In reality, these AirTags are water-resistant, which is different from being waterproof. When a device is water-resistant, it resists water to a certain extent. Too much exposure to water will eventually damage it.

Therefore, whether or not your Apple AirTags will get damaged due to water  depends on two factors:

1. Water Resistance Rating  

Water Resistance Rating

Apple AirTags have a water-resistance rating of IP67, which is impressive. This means that it will resist exposure to high amounts of water. The same ratings can be seen in most other Apple products, like the iPhone 14.

Several tests confirm that the AirTags can stay submerged in water for a maximum of 30 minutes. If they remain submerged for extended periods, the water might start to seep inside, damaging it in the process.

2. Water Pressure  

Water Pressure

The water pressure that the AirTag is exposed to also plays a significant role. As for the claims made by Apple, AirTags can withstand the average water pressure of 10 kPa.

The AirTags can stay undamaged and submerged in 1 meter (3.2 feet) of water for simplification. If it goes beyond this rage, the chances of it getting damaged become significantly higher.

Therefore, if you wanted to know “can AirTags get wet,” then the answer is yes – they can. This depends on its water-resistance rating. Apple AirTags have a water resistance rating of 10 kPA and 30 minutes.

Therefore, the chances of your AirTags getting damaged increase when it’s submerged more than 1 meter under water for more than 30 minutes.

How To Test The Water Resistance Of AirTags?  

How To Test The Water Resistance Of AirTags

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To confirm the claims made by Apple, which I have explained above, CNET (Computer Network) – an American technology media website – conducted various experiments on the Apple AirTags. Here’s what they found out:

After conducting various tests like making a dog swim with the AirTags on, bathing with the AirTags, dropping it in a bucket of water, and even in a puddle, the AirTags IP67 water-resistance rating stays true.

Their tests indicated that the AirTags would be undamaged by water if it simply got wet. This includes getting wet due to rain or falling into a puddle of water. As long as it doesn’t cross its IP67 limitations, it’s all cool.

Therefore, it will remain all right under normal circumstances, like getting wet due to rain or spilling water on it. Even if you drop it in a pool of water more than 1 meter deep, it will stay functional if taken out after a few minutes and dried out.

However, it might get damaged if it stays underwater for more than  30 minutes (even if it’s not below 1 meter). This is because the longer it lasts underwater, the chances of water seeping in increase. Therefore, be careful of keeping it in your pockets. You might accidentally throw it inside the washing machine, which has a high chance of damaging it.

When it comes to the AirTag being frozen, it can still survive the frigid temperatures. It will still remain functional after being thawed.

However, CNET suggests that you should always dry the AirTags whenever they get wet to be on the safe side.

How Can I Dry AirTags?  

How Can I Dry AirTags

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If your AirTags got wet, drying them as soon as possible is the best way to ensure their safety. You can dry it to salvage its functionality to ensure it doesn’t die in a watery grave.

If you own an Apple AirTag, knowing how to dry them is absolutely essential. Therefore, follow the steps below to dry your Apple AirTags in the safest way possible:

1. Wipe The Water On The Surface (And Inside)  

Wipe The Water On The Surface (And Inside)

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The first task that you need to do is remove all water from the surface of the Apple Airtag. To do so, simply take a cloth and dry the surface.

Then, you must open the AirTag and dry out the water on the inside. But how to open AirTag?

Opening your AirTag is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is place two fingers on each side./ Then, simply turn it counterclockwise. And voila! Your AirTag will open up now, allowing you to peek at what’s inside. After you take a look, clean the water with a towel. Don’t worry – you will not get electrocuted!

2. Let It Dry Naturally  

Let It Dry Naturally

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Even though you removed the water inside, it will still be insufficient. This is because your towel will never reach the deeper nooks and crannies of your Apple AirTag.

Therefore, you must let it dry for some time by simply keeping it under the sun. You can keep it under a fan if it’s cloudy or already nighttime.

3. Seal The AirTag  

Seal The AirTag

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Finally, check the insides of the AirTag once. Ensure that there’s no water there. After you have done so, it’s time to seal it back. If you remember how you opened the AirTag, you must apply the same process here. However, twist it clockwise this time to close it.

Should I Get AirTag Waterproof Cases?  

Sometimes getting a waterproof AirTag case might be a great idea to protect your Apple AirTags as much as possible from getting wet.

However, do note that Apple does not officially sell AirTag waterproof cases. Instead, they are sold by third-party manufacturing companies. You can get them online.

If you wish to purchase an AirTag Waterproof case, you can get the ElevationLab Waterproof Tag Vault. This one is relatively cheap; you can buy it for $12.95.

Reviews on Apple AirTags

Reviews on Apple AirTags

Here are some user reviews on Apple AirTags that you might find usefull.

1. Fractals, A Verified Purchaser says, “Apple AirTag: The Perfect Companion.” Adding further…  

“If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of losing your keys, wallet, or any important item, Apple AirTag is here to put an end to that problem. As a recent user of the Apple AirTag, I can confidently say that it’s an ingenious device that brings immense benefits to everyday life. The setup process was a breeze. As expected from Apple, the AirTag integration with my iPhone was seamless. With just a few taps, the AirTag was paired and ready to use. The minimalist design fits perfectly with Apple’s aesthetics, making it a sleek addition to my keychain or other belongings. The most significant advantage of the Apple AirTag is its remarkable accuracy in tracking lost items. The precision of its location tracking through the Find My app is astounding. The Bluetooth technology combined with the vast network of Apple devices ensure that even if an item is far from you, it can still be located with incredible accuracy. No more time wasted searching through couch cushions or retracing your steps! One standout feature that sets the AirTag apart from other tracking devices on the market is the Precision Finding feature. Utilizing the U1 chip in the latest iPhones, the AirTag takes advantage of augmented reality to guide you directly to your lost item with pinpoint accuracy. It’s like having your personal search and rescue team right in your pocket……”

2. JoseM says, “Your Ultimate Tracking Companion for Peace of Mind.”  

I recently had the opportunity to use the Apple AirTags, and I must say that they have been a game-changer in terms of keeping track of my belongings. In this review, I aim to provide an objective assessment of the AirTags’ features, usability, and overall value. Features: The Apple AirTags come equipped with an array of useful features. The small and compact design makes them easy to attach to various items, from keys to backpacks and even pets. The Bluetooth connectivity ensures a stable connection to your iPhone, allowing you to track your belongings with ease. The precision finding feature is particularly impressive, providing accurate location data and directions through the Find My app. Additionally, the replaceable battery is a practical feature, as it eliminates the need for frequent recharging….

Conclusion: Your Apple AirTags Are Not Waterproof  

Are AirTags waterproof? The answer is no – they are not.

Apple AirTags might not be waterproof, but they definitely are water-resistant. This means they will resist getting damaged from contact with water to a certain degree. As far as test results (and what Apple proclaims), they have a water resistance rating of IP67, which means they can withstand 10 kPa of water.

This means it can stay submerged under a meter of water for 30 minutes maximum. Anything more than that, your Apple AitTags can get damaged.

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