Apple Watch Not Connecting To Phone - How To Fix It Easily

Apple Watch Not Connecting To Phone – How To Fix It Easily?


Apple Watch users have reported many issues with their smartwatches. One of the most common issues that they face is having their Apple Watch not connecting to phone. This is a recurring problem faced by many users. However, it’s pretty easy to solve this problem.

To learn all the various ways to fix this issue, read this guide post till the end. Here, I have satiated five ways to fix your apple watch connection issue.

Apple Watch Not Connecting To Phone – How To Fix It?

There can be many reasons why your Apple watch not connecting to phone. However, whatever the reason might be, fixing this issue is more important. Therefore, here are a few things that you can do to fix this situation.

1. Reconnect Your Apple Watch After Checking The Connection Status

Reconnect Your Apple Watch After Checking The Connection Status

The first thing that you should do in this situation is to reconnect your Apple Watch. Connection issues happen with all wireless devices from time to time. Therefore, instead of worrying too much, simply turn it off and reconnect your watch again.

To do so, you need to check the connectivity strength between your Apple Watch and phone first. The connectivity status is always displayed on your Apple Watch’s home screen. You can do so by swiping up the display of your Apple Watch to bring up your Control Center.

Here, you can face three situations:

  • If you see a green mobile-phone-like icon on the top, it means it’s already connected to your phone.
  • Seeing the same mobile-phone icon in red means that your Apple watch not connecting to phone.
  • In case you see a WiFi icon in blue, it means that your Apple Watch is connected to WiFi. Here, you need to click on the WiFi icon on the screen again to turn it off. This should force your Apple Watch to connect with your phone instead.

2. Set The Right Settings

Set The Right Settings

Sometimes, the wrong settings on your phone or Apple Watch can make you ask yourself why Apple Watch won’t pair.

Therefore, ensure that these settings are not messing up the connection:

  • Airplane mode is turned off: The most common mistake people make while connecting their Apple Watches to their iPhones has airplane mode on. When you have airplane mode on, it automatically shuts down all connections between devices temporarily. Therefore, turn off airplane mode and then reconnect your Apple Watch to your iPhone.
  • Bluetooth is turned on: Sometimes, due to the rush of our daily lives, we often forget to turn on Bluetooth mode. Here, we display stupidity to the full when we try to connect the Apple Watch to iPhones without Bluetooth on. Therefore, be a bit smarter to turn on your Bluetooth first – for both your Apple Watch and iPhone.

3. Restart The Apple Watch

Restart The Apple Watch

Ask yourself, “why my apple watch is not connecting to my phone?” You can try rebooting Apple watch. To do so, you need to follow the steps explained below.

  1. Press down on the power button of your Apple Watch and hold it for a few seconds. 
  2. On the screen, the “Power Off” slider will appear now. Slide it to the right.
  3. After it completely shuts down, click on the crown of the Apple Watch to power it back on.

4. Update Your iPhone

Update Your iPhone

Sometimes, it might be a software and OS issue in your iPhone that’s causing connectivity issues with your Apple Watch. Here, updating your iPhone OS might solve this issue. Therefore, to update your iPhone, simply follow the steps explained below.

  1. First, open your iPhone Settings.
  2. Now, click on the first option General.
  3. Next, select Software Update. This will prompt the OS to search for its latest updates. If there are no updates available, it means your iPhone OS is up to date.
  4. If an update is available, your screen will now display the Download & Install option. Click on it to update your iPhone.

5. Unpair And Re-Pair Your Apple Watch

Unpair And Re-Pair Your Apple Watch

Finally, to fix the Apple watch not connecting to phone issue, simply unpair and re-pair again. To do so, follow the steps explained below.

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Click on the My Watch option.
  3. Tap on the “i” icon at the top of the page, which will open up the Information page.
  4. Finally, click on Unpair Apple Watch.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):-

Apple Watch users have various queries regarding their Apple Watch not connecting to phone. Here are my answers to their questions.

Q1. Why Is My Apple Watch Not Connecting To My Phone?

Ans: There can be various reasons why your Apple Watch is not connecting to your phone anymore. While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why such connection issues happen, it’s mostly because of bugs and glitches.

Q2. Will I Lose Everything If I Reset My Apple Watch?

Ans: Yes, you will lose everything when you reset your Apple Watch. However, the only feature that stays intact is the Activation Lock. Apart from this lock, all data and settings get erased.

Q3. Does Unpairing An Apple Watch Erase All Data?

Ans: When you unpair your Apple Watch, you “reset” all settings of the Apple Watch with your phone. Therefore, doing so turns it back to factory settings. However, when you unpair from an iPhone, it will store a backup of all data on the phone. This data will be retrieved and applied again when you repair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. However, this backup only happens with iPhones and not with other smartphones.


Fixing your Apple Watch not connecting to phone is pretty simple. You can try to unpair and re-pair your Apple Watch, along with rebooting your Apple watch. In addition, you can also update the iOS in your iPhone. Similarly, you can check your iPhone’s settings to ensure that Bluetooth is on and the Airplane mode is turned off.

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