Adani Near To Overtake Bill Gates

Adani Near To Overtake Bill Gates! Becomes Fourth Richest Person On Global Wealth Chart


The Indian business tycoons have been shining on the global aspect in the last few years. Adani’s sudden ascending jump as the fourth richest person in the world adds some more luster to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. 

Gautam Adani: From Where Did He Start?

Gautam Adani is the first generation industrialist in his family. He is the founder and chairman of Adani Group. This organization has been involved in coal supply and port development operations prominently since its inception. The Adani Group has its permanent location in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. 

A Gaint Leap: Dramatic Surge In Net Worth

The year 2021 has been pretty promising for Gautham. He made an income of several billion dollars last year. So an approximate value of his profit would be around $43 billion.

Simultaneously, the stock prices of the Adani Group have increased well above 50% last year itself. He expectedly backed the title- ‘World’s Richest Wealth Gainer, 2021’. Amazingly, Adani’s rate of wealth gain is above Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

Even the Adani Group has gained more wealth than Reliance as a whole. So, that takes Gautam to a lead as a money gainer over Mukesh Ambani. 

Currently, Gautam Adani’s net worth is $125 billion, according to the BBI. He has nearly the same net worth as Bill Gates.  

What Are The Reasons Behind The Surge?

Simply, severe business expansion in the correct approach is why The Adani Group started financially shining in 2021. Gautam expanded his business hold in various sectors like airports and data centers.

The Adani Group’s appetite in the technology field will increase much in the future. This is a clear sign that the net worth will increase much.

Yet another reason for the surge in net worth is the increase in share value.

So, as per the whole picture, the ascending curve of Adani’s net worth is most likely to take him to the third position in BBI in a few days only. 

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