Acunetix Review

Acunetix Review – Why You Should Know About This App In 2022


Acunetix has become one of the most popular applications for white hat hackers. IT experts primarily use this software to find website vulnerabilities so that it becomes hackproof. 

Such software has increased because website security has become chaotic because of so many hacking attempts. In addition, due to the internet being available to users 24/7 from every corner of the world, more and more website vulnerabilities are discovered every day.

Therefore, to prevent external attacks on your websites and digital databases, read this Acunetix review now. After reading this, you will be better able to understand the uses of this application to protect your websites from hacking.

Main Features Of Acunetix

The primary features after the Acunetix download get completed are:

1. Find Vulnerabilities Using AcuSensor

Find Vulnerabilities Using AcuSensor
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Acunetix is famed for developing the AcuSensor Technology for vulnerability detection. This detector provides all the details about the various types of vulnerabilities in the system. This includes stack traces, source code line numbers, and even affected SQL queries, to name a few.

The AcuSensor also reduces the presence of false positives when a website gets scanned. In addition, it alerts you to all problems and misconfigurations found in web applications, which are mostly .NET framework errors.

2. Fix Detected Vulnerabilities

Fix Detected Vulnerabilities
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After completion of the scan, the AcuSensor will automatically suggest various remedies to the detected vulnerabilities. It has an advanced website and application crawler that detects SQL injection vulnerabilities from the source code. After that, it automatically provides solutions to fix these errors. 

3. Monitor Activities

Monitor Activities
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Acunetix has the power to all activities on your web pages and web applications. It uses AcuSensor features to run a full crawl of the pages. This also includes its back-end functionalities to scan all files on the server. 

Therefore, it ensures that it fully covers all aspects of the web pages and the applications. This step allows it to ensure that all vulnerabilities can be detected and fixed. 

4. Get Notifications And Alerts

Get Notifications And Alerts
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Sometimes, hackers can leave behind residual tracking files in the system to constantly mine the systems for data to steal. Such hacking tools ensure that a deep scan of the system is done at regular intervals. In addition, it helps detect malicious files and links that can be alerted to the user. 

In addition, it also provides notifications for application updates and timely scans. This ensures that the application is updated to its latest version with new features at all times. Also, it reminds users of their payment status and for frequent scans at fixed intervals or at fixed times.

5. Tag Assets

Tag Assets
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The AcuSensor technology of this application is able to detect all the inputs done on the websites. Therefore, it is able to test all these inputs one by one for vulnerabilities. During the process, it tags them to identify them later on and for fixes to be rolled out accordingly. 

How Does Acunetix Work?

How Does Acunetix Work
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When you use Acunetix to scan for web vulnerabilities, it follows this step to ensure that you can detect them as quickly as possible:

  • When the scan starts, the DeepScan feature of this application analyzes the entire website from front to back so that no codes are left unscanned. This also includes scanning for links that have been dynamically constructed using JavaScript using robot.txt and sitemap.xml links. This creates an entire map site.
  • After the map site is generated,  Acunetix will start its magic by launching various forms of targeted checks. This is done by scouring each part of the website. 
  • The AcuSensor Technology starts collecting data and creating a list of all the files that are present in the directory. It also keeps a record of all the files that are not found by search engines and web crawlers. This also includes files like the web.config file. 
  • After the crawling process is over, the DeepScanner will then start running various formats of vulnerability checks on every webpage. Also known as the Automatic Scan Stage, this phase finds various blank spaces where you can input data and codes. Here, AcuSensor tries different data input combinations.
  • Soon, all the vulnerabilities that have been detected get listed on the Acunetix scan results. This includes a list of files affected, their HTTP responses from the server, and lots more.
  • Soon, various resorts related to these vulnerabilities get generated, which also tracks down SQL queries. Alongside these reports, multiple suggestions and solutions are provided. 

Advantages And Benefits Of Acunetix

The primary advantages of using Acunetix are:

1. Lots Of Integrated Tools

Lots Of Integrated Tools
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Acunetix has many integrated tools that help it scan various website codes like HTML5, SPAs, and more. It even executes Javascript codes and can tweak them with user recommendations. 

Here, I found out that the many tools of this application that are used for vulnerability management can be integrated. This means that if a team of white hat hackers is working on a project, they can all get real-time reports and feedback from this application. 

2. Detects Lots Over 6,500 Vulnerabilities

Detects Lots Over 6,500 Vulnerabilities
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When it comes to the detection of vulnerabilities, Acunetix detects lots of them. These can come in various formats like SQLi and XSS vulnerabilities like Blind XSS and DOM XSS. The latter XSS vulnerabilities come with low false positives too. 

In addition, it also detects various URLs and links the websites with malware and trackers. This roots out possibilities of hackers trying to phish and input malware for data mining and corruption. 

3. Conducts Many Threat Assessment Tests

Conducts Many Threat Assessment Tests
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Acunetix conducts many threat assessment tests aimed at tweaking weak passwords and poorly configured proxies of servers. It also has an integrated dashboard for creating various security reports for further assessment. 

Acunetix Review – What Users Say

Used by many hackers globally, Netsparker vs Acunetix has become a popular white hacking and digital security control tool. However, users have pointed out various advantages and flaws of using this application. They are:


The main pros of using Acunetix are:

  • Good UI
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • Configure your own scans


The main cons of using Acunetix are;

  • Poor customer support
  • Difficulty setting up “allowed hosts.”
  • Cannot change XML files on the server

Many anonymous users have this to say regarding Acunetix reviews:

“This automated web application security tool detects and reports so efficiently that we have now no worries about any web application vulnerabilities in our systems. The prioritization and classification help our organization to resolve the issues. Its compliance reports have proved to be very productive to us especially at times of audit.”


“It has a good UI, easy to manage and understand, the results were good with a fair number of false positives (as every other automating tool like this).”


“The best thing about the product is that it discovers and scans all the web applications. It lists down the vulnerabilities and also provides suggestions to us on what to be done next and what to prioritize within the triggered vulnerabilities.”


“The way it works with the projects, once you configure one, you can’t edit it. It’s part of their licensing, but sometimes you make mistakes when configuring the site to scan, and if that happens, you cant edit it easily. You need to contact them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. What Is Acunetix Used For?

Acunetix is primarily used for detecting various vulnerabilities with your website’s front and back-end coding. If these vulnerabilities are not addressed, hackers can exploit them anytime.

Q2. Is Acunetix Scanner Free?

No, the Acunetix scanner is not an open-source code, nor is the application available for free. You have to mansion your usage purposes to get a quoted price for the app from the website.

Q3. Is Acunetix SAST Or DAST?

Here, SAST tools have the task of analyzing the source code of the web pages, similar to the way a developer does. On the other hand, DAST scans the databases of website libraries and dependencies. Acunetix is a combination of both.

Q4. Is Acunetix Easy To Use?

Yes, compared to other hacking tools, Acunteix is pretty easy to use due to its friendly UI. However, you need to understand coding more to grasp this application’s features fully.

Final Verdict – Is Acunetix Worth It?

After trying out this application, I can say that the Acunetix pricing you have to pay is pretty much worth it. This application will help you find over 6,500 vulnerabilities on the website that you can address. Plus, it can integrate itself with various website formats like HTML5 and XSS so that it can run better scans on them.

To read more about other popular hacking tools, read our other articles here at Techrab!

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